DI 140930 : Videostar Monocular digital videonystagmoscopy, USB 2.0

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    DI 140930 : Videostar Monocular digital videonystagmoscopy, USB 2.0
    Requires a compatible computer

    Terms and Conditions

    The Difra videonystagmoscope transcribes the image of the patient's eye on a computer screen.

    The Videostar can thus assess the reactions of the patient viewing his nystagmus during testing positions, caloric, rotary or due to any other stimulus.

    The camera can be placed in front of the patient's right or left eye. The camera is fixed on a comfortable mask, fitting the line of the patient's face in order to occult completely from the outside light. The second eye view is either closed by an eyepiece or let free, which leaves it a free view. In option, it's also possible to place a Frenzel lens before this eye.

     In addition to the visulation in real time of the eye movement on the computer screen, the software allows to record videos of the eye. A patient management organizes the storage thereof. The examinations comparison is easy thanks to the simultaneous playback of two videos. The software is able to export videos in AVI format.

    Several options increase the possibilities of Videostar. The first option allows you to record the video of the second eye, the second one allows you to record video from the patient's posture.

    The first option provides a second camera to visualize the second eye.

    The other available option on Videostar saves the eye movement and the complete posture of the patient simultaneously. To do this, a second camera mounted on an adjustable foot is used. Finally, an optional remote control let you start and stop recording of the videos.

    Technical specifications

    • USB 2.0 connection

    • 25 frames/s

    • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels

    • Cable of 4 meters

    • Compatible Windows Seven/8 - 32 or 64 bits

    Videostar meets EN 60601-1 Standard and Directive 2007/47/EC.

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