DI 040300 : Megatorque Programmed rotary chair, with OVAR

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    DI 040300 : Megatorque Programmed rotary chair, with OVAR

    Terms and Conditions

    Rotary tests

    Megatorque is a rotary chair with an Off Vertical Axis Rotation (OVAR) possibility. In addition to possibilities offered by MiniTorque, Megatorque allows to run otolith tests. The rotation axis of the patient can be moved from 0 to 15° from the vertical. The off axis angle is controlled by software and electronically adjusted during the rotation of the seat.


    • 56 contacts slip rings for ENG, VNG, video surveillance, patient stop button, ocular fixation light,...

    • Operator emergency switch

    • Patient stop button

    • Fixation light

    • Head fixation system

    • Specific desk for the operator

    Technical specification

    • Motor torque: 120Nm

    • Maintenance free rotation motor

    • Sinus frequency: 0.001 to 10 Hz

    • Sinus amplitude: 0 to 65000°

    • Sinus damping: 0 to 100%

    • Velocity: 0 to 240°/s

    • Acceleration: 0 to 240°/s²

    • Position: 0 to 360°

    • OVAR angle: 0 to 15°

    • Connection: NAC

    • Maximum patient's weight: 150 kg

    • Weight (without patient): 400kg

    • Power supply: 3x400V+N+E AC 50Hz

    Megatorque meets EN 60601-1 Standard and Directive 93/42/EEC.

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