MiniTorque : High end rotary chair

MiniTorque brings you a lot of possibilities, although it remains very simple to use and gives a high accuracy of velocity and position regulation for the study of the rotary tests and the damped rotary tests. The chair with reclining back is for the realization of caloric test or positional test in lying position.

No belt, no gear box, just direct drive ! So maintenance free !

Disoft II

MiniTorque is a kinetic stimulator and is in real time connected with your software Disoft II. The following movements can be programmed by your software :

  • sinus and damped sinus movements

  • triangular movements

  • trapezoidal and step movements

  • position movements for caloric tests


  • 36 contacts slip ring for ENG, VNG, Emergency Stop, surveillance camera, external fixation LED.

  • Operator Emergency Switch

  • Adjustable Backrest of the chair to horizontal position

Technical specification

  • Direct drive motor

  • Constant torque of 92.2 Nm

  • Velocity: 0 to 240°/sec.

  • Acceleration: 0 to 240°/sec²

  • Position: 0 to 360°

  • Connection PC: USB 2.0 & CAN Bus

  • Controller unit is built in a delivered desk

  • Dimensions: Ø110 cm


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Direct drive motor without belt or gearbox for maintenance free, less noise, higher quality of movement.


Three phase power supply for higher motor power, more accuracy but always with a low level of noise.


Compatible with our VNG and ENG system, the chair has 2 x USB 2.0 and 2 x CAN bus connections.

Main Specifications

Acceleration of 240°/s² and a maximum velocity of 240°/s with the patient on the chair.


Made in Germany high quality seat that can totally reclined for positional testing or for calorics.


For security, a belt and an emergency stop switch are available for the patient.

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