IDEAS III ENG (electronystagmograph) measures and records eye movements using electrical signals from the eyes.
ENG has been and remains the most widely used test of the vestibular system. ENG complements VNG by adding capability of testing some patient like young kids who cannot be tested using VNG or people where it will be a nightmare to do it with VNG.

With four independent channel, AC and DC time constant, using the same software as our VNG system, the IDEAS III is the ideal complement for a VNG system.

With digital filters, high sampling rate, the quality of the traces are nearly the same as with a VNG system.

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Sampling rate

High frequency sampling rate up to 200Hz per channel


Battery power with a 4 hours live time. A spare battery is also delivered.


High quality of signal due to new physiological amplifier and digital filter.


Digital NAC bus for a high speed and high quality connexion to your computer.


4 independent channel with AC and DC mode with automatic offset correction.


Compact, light, ergonomic, fully driven by the software DiSoft II, easy to use

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