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NysStar II : the new portable VNG USB

NysStar videonystagmography

A new step in the vestibulometry field !

Today, we are proud to annonce the new NysStar II portable VNG USB. Still using our robust VNG software, this new VNG can now work on laptop or desktop.

With the new USB camera with a resolution of 1024*768 pixels, the quality of the image is incredible !

The tracking algorithm is based on our old VNG that has been one of the most robust eye tracking on the market.

With real 50Hz sampling rate, this system is powerfull enough for vestibular testing. In the near future, the software will be able to drive the camera at higher sampling rate like 100Hz or more.

Delivered with a small suitcase, this will help you to move from one practice to another one wihtout any problems.

Contact us for more informations.