The DIFRA Experience

Since 1947, DIFRA is active in the medical field and more specially in the ENT field. First company able to provide an ENG system in Belgium in the year 1964, DIFRA is now one of the leader in Balance diagnostic.



VHIT : New High Speed Video Head Impulse Test

The Video Head Impulse Test (VHIT) is used to identify unilateral and bilateral vestibular deficits using examiner applied small amplitude head thrusts.

DiSoft II : a revolution in nystagmography software

DiSoft II : innovative new software for balance testing is now available !

Using the latest feature, this new software will change your point of view on vestibular testing.

Now, a vestibular test is no longer a chore but a pleasure !

Room camera and sound for our VideoScopy USB system

 A new option is now available for our VideoScopy USB system.

A additional room camera with sound can be added to our Videoscopy USB system to be able to record the patient test and sound.